Course Name: Training for Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Course Duration: Three Month
Course Curriculum:
A. Multistoried House and Industrial Wiring:

             a) Cable Selection
             b) Breaker Selection
             c) Bus-Bar Selection
             d) Single Line Diagram
             e) Floor Plan of Electrical Wiring
             f) BNBC-2014
             g) NFPA-780-2014
             h) Earthing Calculation and Procedure
             i) Lighting Protection System
             j) Energy Meter Connection
             K) Bill Calculatiion

B. Industrial Sub-Station:

             a) Cable Selection
             b) Breaker Selection
             c) Bus-Bar Calculation
             d) LT/HT/PFI Wiring and equipment selection
             e) Floor Plan Procedure
             f) Transformer Selection and Testing Procedure
             g) Transformer manufacturing
             h) 11KV Sub-Station installation
             i) 33/11KV Outdoor Sub-Station equipment selection
             j) CT,PT, VCB Selection
             k) Outdoor Sub-Station Arrangement Procedure
             l) Mesh Earthing Procedure
             m) Relay Co-ordinate procedure
             n) Meager Testing procedure
             o) Earth Testing Procedure
             q) Panel Manufacturing and Safety Procedure
             r) Solar Installation