Advance Industrial Automation by PLC:

  1. a) Introduction to PLC
  2. b) Electric Diagram forming procedure
  3. c) Convert procedure from Electrical Diagram into Ladder Diagram
  4. d) Ladder logic Concept
  5. e) Number System, Logic gate & Boolean equation
  6. f) Time operation of PLC
  7. g) Counter Operation of PLC
  8. h) PLC wiring procedure/power connection procedure
  9. i) Load control using PLC, Switch & Sensor
  10. j) Star Delta Operation with PLC
  11. k) Sequence control with PLC
  12. l) Inverter speed control with PLC
  13. Analog Operation Of PLC
  14. ATS
  15. Door Control
  16. Smart Heat Chamber Controlling
  17. Traffic Controlling


PLC Advance:

  1. a) Temperature operation principles and its application through PLC
  2. b) PID tracked temperature operation through PLC.
  3. c) PID tracked temperature operation through Temperature controller.
  4. d) High Speed Counter operation with implementation
  5. e) Rotary encoder operation with Implementation
  6. f) HMI and PLC interfacing & Programming g) Communication Channel Establishment between PLC and

VFD (Inverter) by Using Different Communication Protocol.