Course Name: Training for Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Course Duration: Three Month
Course Curriculum:
A. Multistoried House and Industrial Wiring:

             a) Cable Selection
             b) Breaker Selection
             c) Bus-Bar Selection
             d) Single Line Diagram
             e) Floor Plan of Electrical Wiring
             f) BNBC-2014
             g) NFPA-780-2014
             h) Earthing Calculation and Procedure
             i) Lighting Protection System
             j) Energy Meter Connection
             K) Bill Calculatiion

B. Industrial Sub-Station:

             a) Cable Selection
             b) Breaker Selection
             c) Bus-Bar Calculation
             d) LT/HT/PFI Wiring and equipment selection
             e) Floor Plan Procedure
             f) Transformer Selection and Testing Procedure
             g) Transformer manufacturing
             h) 11KV Sub-Station installation
             i) 33/11KV Outdoor Sub-Station equipment selection
             j) CT,PT, VCB Selection
             k) Outdoor Sub-Station Arrangement Procedure
             l) Mesh Earthing Procedure
             m) Relay Co-ordinate procedure
             n) Meager Testing procedure
             o) Earth Testing Procedure
             q) Panel Manufacturing and Safety Procedure
             r) Solar Installation

C. Controlling and Automation:

             a) Relay Selection and Connection
             b) Magnetic Contactor Selection and Connection
             c) Timer Selection and Connection
             d) DOL Starter Circuit
             e) Star-Delta Circuit
             f) Phase Failure Circuit
             g) Limit Switch Operation
             h) Temperature Control Operation
             i) ATS Controlling
             j) RTD, RTC, Operation
             k) Programmable Temperature Controller with PID Operation
             l) Sequence Control Circuit
             m) Motor Safety and Selection procedure
             n) Water pumps Controlling Circuit by using Limit Switch
             o) Safety Protection Controlling Circuit by using Limit Switch
             p) Proximity Sensor
             q) Photo Sensor
             r) Motor Forward/Reverse Circuit
             s) Programmable Temperature Controller with PID Operation

D. Advance Industrial Automation by PLC and Inverter:

1. Industrial VFD/Inverter Programming:

             a) Basic Theory and Application
             b) Various Types of Parameter setting and their operation mode
             d) Maintenance and Troubleshooting

2. Advance Industrial Automation by PLC:

            a) Introduction to PLC
             b) Electric Diagram forming procedure
             c) Convert procedure from Electrical Diagram into Ladder Diagram
             d) Ladder logic Concept
             e) Number System, Logic gate & Boolean equation
             f) Time operation of PLC
             g) Counter Operation of PLC
             h) PLC wiring procedure/power connection procedure
             i) Load control using PLC, Switch & Sensor
             j) Star Delta Operation with PLC
             k) Sequence control with PLC
             l) Inverter speed control with PLC
             n) ATS
             o) Door Control
             p) Smart heat chamber controlling
             q) Air Conditioner Controlling
             s) Traffic Controlling

E. PLC Advance1:

             a) Temperature operation principles and its application through PLC
             b) PID tracked temperature operation through PLC.
             c) PID tracked temperature operation through Temperature controller.
             d) High Speed Counter operation with implementation
             e) Rotary encoder operation with Implementation
             f) HMI and PLC interfacing & Programming g) Communication Channel Establishment between PLC and
VFD (Inverter) by Using Different Communication Protocol.

F. Online UPS and Generator Maintenance: FREE

             a) Rectifier.
             b) Online UPS.
             c) Battery Calculation.
             d) What is generator?
             e) Main Components of Generator Schedule Management.
             g) Troubleshooting Procedure.
             h) Connection Procedure.

G. Fire and Safety Management: FREE

H. AutoCAD Electrical: With BNBC -2014, NFPA-780.